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  • Modern PC running Windows (32 or 64 bits)
  • Graphics card capable of OpenGL and preferably supporting GLSL shading language (the faster and more memory the better)
  • Preferably a fast broadband internet connection to download textures and elevation data
  • 'Enough' free disk space for downloaded images and elevation data (at least a few GB)
  • The Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5 (or higher) installed. If it is not installed (GPSMaster.NET will tell you so when you try start it) it can be downloaded here or here

The GPSMaster.NET installer includes just a small set of images and elevation data, all data (images and elevation data) beyond this initial set will be downloaded on-the-fly, this will take some time and use bandwith. If you'd like to you can always order a data DVD with the desired data already on it, this will save you time and bandwith. More information on the buy page.

If you have your own 3DS files (files with estension .3ds), copy them to the 3DSModels directory (for it's location see the 'Directories' tab under Settings) in order to use them in GPSMaster.NET.

Before you run the program, please read the FAQ.


27 MB Md5: fb85a8abdbb45ebbb4dbb14559a0b9fb mail access


Downloaded 36138 time(s).



New version : GPSMaster.NET 2.3
  • No more trial/full version
  • Vast improvement in tile downloading
New version : GPSMaster.NET 2.2
  • Code refactoring
New version : GPSMaster.NET 2.1
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the import of .IGC files
  • Made numerous optimizations to code
New version : GPSMaster.NET 2.0
  • Fixed a bug that made tiles of which the terrain still needed to be downloaded appear black at the start of the download
  • Fixed some other minor bugs
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.9
  • Fixed a bug that made importing of .igc files fail
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the icon selection in the Edit Waypoint form from displaying properly
  • Fixed some other minor bugs
  • Made colour of tiles that are eg being queued or have failed to download configurable
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.8
  • Fixed a few minor bugs
  • Reduced the number of available tile servers since most of them have gone offline :-(
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.7
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong longitude when playing a track
  • Improved support for Google images
  • Added option to shift a track's altitude in 4 different ways, eg shift altitude so that start is at ground level
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.6
  • Airspaces crossed during a flight (if any airspaces loaded) will now be listed under the other flight details, details include time, altitude, airspace and way of entering and leaving the airspace
  • Added layers for Google Roadmap and Google Satellite images
  • Added a key to disable depth for a track (making it always visible despite being below groundlevel for example)
  • Fixed a bug where on the Edit Waypoint form it would always show 'Latitude' and 'Longitude' even if the selected coordinate format uses '(Zone) Easting' and 'Northing'
  • Overall speed improvement
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.5
  • It was still possible to have the compass, windsock and globe disappear, fixed in this version by a redesign
  • Big speed improvement when exporting tiles
  • Overall speed improvement by code optimizations
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.4
  • Reduced vertical size of some forms so they will be fully visible on a netbook with a limited resolution
  • Changed default track color to red (from white) so it's visible in the graph
  • Fixed a bug that could make a 3DS model disappear when playing a track
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.3
  • GPSMaster.NET Version 1.3 fixes a bug introduced in version 1.2 which caused the compass and windsock not be displayed
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.2
  • GPSMaster.NET Version 1.2 offers texture compression which gives both faster load times of images and more images to be displayed for a given amount of memory
  • Even faster loading by using pixel buffer objects
  • Some minor bugfixes
  • For distance measurement, place mouse cursor over start point, press and hold the middle mouse button (the wheel) and move the mouse cursor around to see the distance between the two points
  • If your graphics card does not support the GLSL shading language GPSMaster.NET will revert to the default way of drawing (some functionality will not be available though)
  • If the GLSL shading language slows down your (probably older) graphics card you can disable it's use
  • Updates and improvements to downloading layers
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.1
  • GPSMaster.NET Version 1.0 used different servers to download data from and these servers could be slow, GPSMaster.NET Version 1.1 uses different servers that are faster and far more reliable
  • Supports the display of contour lines (settings can be adjusted)
  • Overall speed improvement for loading and displaying tiles
  • Now supports .dds format
  • Now uses shaders
  • Some bugfixes
New version : GPSMaster.NET 1.0
  • Old version no longer supported
Change Log 2.12.5 to 2.13.5
  • Fixed bug that occured when trying to define user UTM grid
Change Log 2.11.4 to 2.12.5
  • Minor update to the way magnetic variation is handled
Change Log 2.11.3 to 2.12.4
  • Fixed a bug in USB cummunication protocol, GPS60CSx should now work again
  • GPSMaster now supports importing of SeeYou .cup files
Change Log 2.11.2 to 2.12.3
  • Fixed a bug in the communication protocol which occured when uploading routes with the D201 route header (some older model GPS's)
  • Improved communication over serial connection
Change Log 2.11.1 to 2.12.2
  • Fixed a bug in track upload over serial communication when using a GPS with the A300 Track Log Transfer Protocol
Change Log 2.11.1 to 2.12.1
  • Fixed a number of bugs in the serial communication protocol, these bugs would occur in older model Garmin GPS's which had their firmware updated
  • Added a 'time to go' label to the up/download window, mainly handy when downloading tracks over serial communication
Change Log 2.10.4 to 2.11.1
  • Fixed a bug where symbols in Edit waypoint screen were gone (only text was shown), symbols are back again!
  • Routes, Tracks and Waypoint can now be exported in GPX format, to export use normal save to file buttons and select the desired format under 'Save as type'
  • Removed import menu item, to import just the normal load from file buttons and select the format you want to load under 'Files of type'
  • Improved importing of gpx route files (color now also supported)
Change Log 2.10.3 to 2.10.4
  • Fixed some bugs related to communication with GPS, especially for older Garmin models
  • Added a new feature in the edit track screen which lets you compress your tracks (reduce the number of track points in it), this is ideal if you want to upload tracks to a GPS that only supports tracks with a limited number of track points
  • Optimized code
  • Moved manual adjustment trackbar for maps from status bar to main screen
  • When recording NMEA data to a track, feedback is now given in the status bar
Change Log 2.10.2 to 2.10.3
  • Fixed a recently during some rework introduced bug where you would get a ''No device! Is the GPS connected and switched on?''warning when clicking the GPS Info button and using serial communication
  • Fixed some other minor bugs
Change Log 2.10.1 to 2.10.2
  • Fixed a bug related to importing of .gpx files
  • During install you can now choose what folder to use for the application data, this because Windows Vista doesnt' allow writing of files in the Program Files folder. During an uninstall of GPSMaster your application data will NOT be removed, to prevent accidental deleting of data you'll have to do it manually
Change Log 2.9.3 to 2.10.1
  • Fixed the dreaded 'Characters are too large or too many. Unable to create font texture.' bug Windows Vista users were experiencing
  • Fixed the USB problems Windows Vista users were having so USB now working again for Windows Vista
  • Made changes to communication protocol, track color now supported during track transfer to/from GPS
  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Changed the way the tables work with navigation keys like Home and End
Change Log 2.9.2 to 2.9.3
  • Changed the way maps are calibrated: first all 4 map calibration point need to be given a new coordinate before the calibration becomes active.
  • The Width and Height of an image can now directly be obtained by clicking a button in the 'Edit map' screen.
  • Not new but not wasn't documented yet : when a map is active pressing F1 to F4 will directly center and zoom in on the corresponding map calibration point (1 to 4).
  • Improved overall speed in map view.
  • Cursor turns to hourglass when a map is being activated and when files are being loaded.
  • Corrected size of 'take' button in 'Enter new coordinate' screen.
  • Fixed bug in 'take' button function.
  • Zero size for width or height in 'Edit map' screen are not allowed anymore.
Change Log 2.9.1 to 2.9.2
  • Maps now also support GIF images (already supported were BMP, JPG and PNG)
  • Added hint concerning 'Height Dependent Color' to Edit track form.
Change Log 2.8.12 to 2.9.1
  • Much improved importing of OziExplorer files (waypoints and tracks). If anyone still encounters errors please send me the file that caused it.
  • Updated some hints
  • Some other minor improvements
Change Log 2.8.11 to 2.8.12
  • Track graph now shows altitude, speed and vertical speed (vario)
  • Added importing of waypoints in GPX format (now supports routes, tracks and waypoints)
  • Added seperate selection of COM port for Garmin device and NMEA device
  • Some minor improvements
Change Log 2.8.10 to 2.8.11
  • Added uploading of routes and waypoints over USB
  • GPSMaster now supports uploading and downloading of routes, tracks and waypoints over serial and USB
Change Log 2.8.9 to 2.8.10
  • USB devices now listed in combobox together with serial COM ports, connection type setting has been removed
Change Log 2.8.8 to 2.8.9
  • Fixed bug in USB protocol
  • USB now also supports downloading of routes and uploading of tracks
Change Log 2.8.7 to 2.8.8
  • Extended new way of showing track graphs, now 3 options for x-axis
  • Added panning of maps in 3D view
Change Log 2.8.6 to 2.8.7
  • New way of showing track graphs
  • Updated button hints
  • Added support for importing routes in gpx format
  • Faster loading of waypoints, tracks and routes
Change Log up to 2.8.6
  • Lots of things have changed since the last version.
System requirements
  • A PC running Windows.
  • A modern fast Graphics card capable of OpenGL, the more and faster onboard memory the better.

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Jun 22, 2014
Category: New Version
Posted by: Edwin Oude Vrielink
Version 2.3 is now available for download.
Feb 24, 2013
Category: New Version
Posted by: Edwin Oude Vrielink
Version 2.2 is now available for download.
Nov 10, 2012
Category: New Version
Posted by: Edwin Oude Vrielink
Version 2.1 is now available for download.